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PVC Braided Hose

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PVC Braided Hose

A PVC Braided Hose is a versatile and durable tubing option that combines the flexibility of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) with the reinforcement of braided layers, offering a robust solution for various fluid transfer applications. These hoses are known for their exceptional strength, resistance to kinking, and ease of use

Key features of a hydraulic hose assembly include :

Construction : PVC Braided Hoses are typically constructed with a soft PVC inner tube, which provides excellent chemical resistance and fluid compatibility.

Braided Reinforcement : The braided layer acts as a protective shield, preventing the hose from collapsing under pressure and minimizing kinking

Flexibility: Despite the sturdy braided reinforcement, PVC Braided Hoses remain highly flexible.

Pressure Rating : These hoses are designed for applications where moderate to low pressures are involved.

Versatile Applications : PVC Braided Hoses find use in a diverse array of industries, including agriculture, irrigation, gardening, industrial machinery, and general fluid conveyance tasks.

Ease of Handling: These hoses are lightweight and easy to handle, simplifying installation and transportation.