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Hydraulic Spiral Hose

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Hydraulic Spiral Hose

A Hydraulic Spiral Hose, also known as a spiral-wire hydraulic hose, is a specialized type of hydraulic hose designed to withstand high-pressure conditions and provide superior flexibility and durability for hydraulic systems. These hoses feature a unique spiral reinforcement pattern that sets them apart from other hydraulic hoses.

Key features of a hydraulic hose assembly include :

Spiral Reinforcement : The distinguishing feature of Hydraulic Spiral Hoses is their spiral-wire reinforcement, typically made of high-strength steel wires.

Construction : The inner tube of a Hydraulic Spiral Hose is typically made of oil-resistant synthetic rubber, designed to handle hydraulic fluids, oils, and various media.

Pressure Rating: Hydraulic Spiral Hoses are engineered to handle extremely high-pressure applications. They can withstand pressures ranging from several thousand psi (pounds per square inch) to over 10,000 psi, depending on the specific hose type and application.

Flexibility : Despite their robust construction, Hydraulic Spiral Hoses remain highly flexible. This flexibility is crucial for routing the hose through complex hydraulic systems and tight spaces, making them suitable for applications where tight bends are required.

Temperature Range : These hoses are designed to operate in a broad temperature range, ensuring functionality in both hot and cold environments. This versatility is vital for hydraulic systems used in various industries and under varying conditions.

End Connections: Hydraulic Spiral Hoses are equipped with end fittings that can be customized to fit the specific requirements of the application. These fittings are designed to create a secure and leak-free connection with other hydraulic system components.

Applications : Hydraulic Spiral Hoses are commonly used in heavy machinery, construction equipment, industrial machinery, and hydraulic systems where high-pressure conditions are encountered. They are ideal for applications requiring the transmission of force, control of motion, and power transfer.

Customization: These hoses can be customized to meet specific length, diameter, and end fitting requirements, allowing for easy integration into various hydraulic systems and setups.