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Carbon Free Hoses

A Carbon Free Hose, also known as a Heat Resistant Hose, is a specialized industrial hose designed to safely convey high-temperature air or other gases near molten metal surfaces and other extreme heat sources

Key features of a hydraulic hose assembly include :

Material Composition : Carbon Free Hoses are typically constructed using a combination of synthetic elastomers and high-temperature-resistant materials. The outer cover often features an orange or red color for high visibility and to signify its heat-resistant nature.

Construction : These hoses have a robust construction to ensure durability and safety. They may have a heat-resistant inner lining and layers of insulation to protect against extreme temperatures, radiant heat, and molten splash.

Flexibility: Despite their heat-resistant properties, Carbon Free Hoses remain flexible, allowing for easy handling, installation, and maneuvering in high-temperature environments. This flexibility is essential for maintaining workplace safety.

Versatile Applications : Low Pressure Hoses find use in a wide range of industries and applications, including pneumatic systems, low-pressure hydraulics, air and water transfer, vacuum systems, and various fluid conveyance tasks. They are also commonly found in automotive and industrial settings.

Safety Features : Carbon Free Hoses often incorporate safety features such as an electrically conductive layer to dissipate static electricity and prevent the buildup of charges that can lead to sparks or fires. They may also include abrasion-resistant covers to enhance durability and safety.

Applications: Carbon Free Hoses are primarily used in industries that involve high-temperature processes, such as foundries, steel mills, glass manufacturing, and metallurgical operations. They are essential for conveying air or gases to equipment near molten metal surfaces, protecting workers and equipment from heat-related injuries and damage.

Customization : Carbon Free Hoses can be customized to meet specific length and end fitting requirements, allowing for easy integration into existing systems and setups.